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25.05.2016 16:21:56
Dear Annie, Living in the North as you do, do you take Vitamin D?Latest research is it triggers the immune system to fight anything needing fighting from ashthma, ms, high blood pressure [elliceaspy important fordarker skinned people to take], all kinds of cancers, diabetes, etc, anything to do with immune system. Also for depression. I take 2000 IU about4-5 times per week. Also have had better results if one needs surgery for anything serious [those who had higher levels of vit d in bloodstream did better].
26.05.2016 18:43:54
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28.05.2016 11:10:31
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30.05.2016 01:16:16
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30.05.2016 05:42:27
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31.05.2016 01:21:39
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31.05.2016 06:46:12
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02.06.2016 06:41:44
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03.06.2016 19:12:59
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