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25.05.2016 16:27:17
What about bringing it to the Mainland? Wellington has always been a strange  place (like most of the north island) – all of the men talk funny!  Reminds me of trying to walk up Queen St in uniform in the 50′s. Guess the buntings would be happy though. Besides which the beer is better and cheaper here, not to mention the weather. Suggest Oturehua as a veeen?Caspur
26.05.2016 18:44:04
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27.05.2016 06:39:09
Ya learn http://lmyvjrkecuv.com";>soiemhtnghttp://lmyvjrkecuv.com";>soiemhtng; new everyday. It's true I guess!
30.05.2016 03:19:11
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31.05.2016 04:23:52
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01.06.2016 21:09:16
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02.06.2016 13:01:24
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04.06.2016 03:16:39
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04.06.2016 13:45:18
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