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29.05.2016 18:01:01
Yesterday (I think) I scrolled FAR down your blog to find the last picture of your patchwork curtains.  I sent the link to a blogging &qbod;uudty" who showed curtains SHE'D made from skirts of favorite, old dresses (not patchwork, though).  I REALLY like yours.  I need new glasses!  I've tried to figure out the patter on your top here.  I like the colors & the sock/sandal pairing!
30.05.2016 04:17:08
Well done http://xdhdad.com";>arltciehttp://xdhdad.com";>arltcie; that. I'll make sure to use it wisely.
02.06.2016 03:05:06
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03.06.2016 17:36:26
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04.06.2016 12:54:19
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06.06.2016 04:07:35
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06.06.2016 13:54:10
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07.06.2016 11:12:24
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09.06.2016 02:48:55
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